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Dear Internet Surfer,


Welcome to my Web Design, Electrical Engineering and Amateur Radio pages. Everything you see here, of course, is work in progress so I encourage you to stop back every so often.

Now that the brief introduction is done, I have some really interesting news I’d like to report. As you can see, there has been very little new material added to my home page throughout the fall of 2012. There is a good reason for that, for the past fourteen weeks I have been taking an online course in Electrical Engineering, lectured by the MITx. Since I currently hold a BSEE from another university, (which to my horror, I realize, is now nearly 20 years old and thus several generations behind in technology terms) I took this as a refresher course. You can read about my experience here.

Thank you very much for your interest and again, welcome to my humble electronic home. I hope you enjoy your stay. Here I write about my experiments with circuits, what I have done and what I have seen. You are not going to find detailed engineering instructions but rather, the outlines of what I have worked on. All I'm trying to do here is attempting to convey my love and enjoyment of radio, electronics, and computing and perhaps to inspire YOU to build something too. Living in an apartment with limited space can make one's activities a little more challenging than average. However, I still want to have fun and learn as much as possible in the process. With this in mind, the primary focus of my activities is on homebrewing and QRP.

I hope that sharing my experiences here with the community will inspire likeminded individuals to experiment and enjoy amateur radio and electronics in general, too. Please take a look around and with any luck you'll find something useful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the feedback form to drop me a line. I'll be glad to hear from you.

All the circuits on these pages have been built and tested by me. Schematics have been drafted as carefully as possible. I am only human so please accept that an occasional bench and/or drafting error may occur. All the information is therefore provided AS IS. I assume no liability for the consequences, should you, The Visitor, attempt to replicate any of my projects.

Above all, have fun with my circuits. That's the only requirement here.



For now, 73 de Brian, KC2ZPL