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Software you might find useful...

LTSpice - An excellent freeware nonlinear circuit simulator written by the Linear Technologies people, now part of Analog Devices. LTSpice was updated for years and years, let's hope that the new management won't change that. The interface is somewhat clunky and non-intuative. But what lacks in luster, it more than makes up for in functionality and performance. And it's all totally FREE. You go and grab your own copy from their web site here "while supplies last". As for how to use it, there are dozens of excellent sites. One really comprehensive one is here.

Notepad++ - I guess it doesn't need my introduction but just in case - a free text editor with plethora of incredibly useful features. It's fast and can be adopted for variety of uses. It's being bug fixed and updated on regular bases. Honestly, I find myself more and more using this tool while working on these humble pages here, over the more sophisticated Kompozer and Dreamweaver. Notepad++ development team lives here.

Abacom Electronicss Software - A collection of useful utilities from a company in Germany called Abacom Ingenieurgesellschaft. They have utilities called FrontDesigner 3.0, sPlan 7.0 and Sprint Layout 6.0, among other titles.
FrontDesigner is basically a rudimentary mechanical CAD with a very simple interface. Before I did all my front panel drawings in CorelDraw but after using their FrontDesigner for a while I don't think I have ever seen another program that's equally intuative to use. Don't get me wrong here, I have absolutely no association with them.
sPlan and Sprint Layout are a schematic editor and PCB design packages, respectively. sPlan I own a copy of and use all the time. In fact all the circuits on my pages are drawn in sPlan and then exported as *.jpg's for web presence.
They are all commercial software so I can't put any of them on my pages. But check them out!

KompoZer - A FREE WYSIWYG Web Editor. When I started writing up these pages I was looking for the What-You-See type. These pages are my first foray into the wonderful world of HTML and CSS and I wanted something that does some of the, hmm..., heavy lifting for me. I knew of Dreamweaver and so on that come loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles but these are expensive. And too complicated for I am trying convey my project experiences here, not to replicate CNN and alike. I wanted something simple and easy to use. And what warms my frugal sole, FREE. That's right, no cost. KompoZer seems to fit the bill nicely and has therefore been extensively used here. You can grab it from Sourceforge here. Extract it to a folder of your choice, scan for viruses (NEVER forget that step, regardless of the source) and run the "kompozer.exe". That's all there is to it! If you are like me and need to brush up on how to use it, a pretty good KompoZer tutorial is found here. Good luck!